Fire Mountain Gems 2015

Black Raspberry - Bronze Medal Winner

The title of this work is a reference to the color of the beads I used in the central flower. The name is that of my favorite flavor of ice cream which shares the color with the beads. The raspberries on the necklace also contributed, but the use makes less sense as the name of the bracelet pattern offered in my shop.

The base is made using triangle beads. The berries, leaves and flowers are attached at the same time as the base is created.

The components were added to the square stitch bracelet base after it was woven. When designing a new pattern I work the first bracelet I make by embellishing onto a completed base length. By doing this I am able to arrange the flowers into the design while viewing the entire piece at once. The pattern in my shop uses round beads instead of triangle beads. That pattern has you add the components as you create the base, a process that results in a more secure piece of beadwork.

This set is one of my favorite to wear. I especially love the ring.

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