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Beading #NaNoWriMo2023

Beading for the month of November on a single project to create a beaded version of a novel. Or something like that. Anyway, it is a great way to get motivated and just bead something.

This year I decided on a series of beaded embroidery panels. The theme #makeartnotwar with the title Senseless Acts of Beading.

My November novel

Begun with no destination in mind

A sweeping tale regarding the journey through darkness and light with grand love, tragic loss and epic drama

Starting out under the light of the full moon

Searching for peace amid the chaos

Observing the darkness transmuting it to light through senseless acts of beading

Turn off the news and start creating

Meditative beading in a peaceful protest

Adventure and intrigue

Rising above and leveling up

Reclaiming words and empowering them with love

A life of peace in all its messy simplicity

Days spent surrounded by family

Calm spaces with bright hopes for the future


Man vs. man

Fallen among

The never ending need for more

In the peaceful twilight

Satisfied with what you have

Work that creates from the heart

Images of joy and projections of love

Thankful beautiful glow


Appreciation for the natural beauty that envelops

Rejection of fear and unease and greedy fleas that suck the positive energy out of the planet not caring we are all sharing the same

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