Fashion Colorworks 2014


The Fashion Colorworks contest is sponsored by Zoya Gutina on her My Lovely Beads website. Most of the entries are created by talented artists hailing from or residing in Russia or other eastern European countries and as such are fabulous to behold. The contest uses triad colorways selected from the Pantone colors of the year. It has been held annually since 2010. Artists may enter each category and colorway one time for a total of nine entries. There is no fee to enter. It is a wonderful contest that always has delightful works submitted.

The three or four choices of colorways are all wonderful and each year I find my beadwork is influenced by them. I tend to gather all the beads I own in the various colors into boxes with clear lids so that I am inspired by the array. The colorway I decided to use in 2014 was the radiant orchid, cayenne and sand triad.

This necklace was chosen as the second place winner - an honor I was happy to receive. The prize I won was an adorable set of 75 tubes, 3 grams each, of delica beads, packaged in a box with some tila and drop beads. I liked the presentation so much it was two years before I broke the set apart to use the beads! I did take a photo, but I am not sure where that is or I would include it in this post.

The contest has run for many years and all the previous winning entries are placed in galleries on the website. It is always great to see all the different ideas born from the same set of colors.

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