Bridge and Navette Bead Designs

Updated: Mar 31

Some of the newest beads from BeadSmith are the Navette and Bridge beads. These beads have three holes and are designed to fit together. They measure 12mm long and 3mm (Bridge) or 6mm (Navette) wide. The shapes are organic, and fit together nicely with other multi hole beads like the Ginko or Paisley. They are available in a wide range of colors and finishes.

The design shown below is made with Paisley Duo, QuadraLentils, Bridge, Navette, Tru 2, Miyuki 11/0 rounds and delicas. The bead in the center is a backlit Baroque cabochon two hole bead.

The beaded bead design is made using Navette, SuperDuo, Tru2, Miyuki 11/0 rounds and Delica beads. The finished bead is quite solid and measures 3/4"wide by 1/2" tall.

The beaded bead pattern is a BeadSmith Exclusive pattern available beginning March 31.

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