Bead Star 2014

Late Winter Garden

Bead Star was a competition sponsored by Interweave and Beadwork magazine. The only year I entered was 2014, the last year the contest was held. I was awarded second place in the seed bead category.

All of the pink and purple beads are vintage French colors. The really cool thing about these beads is that no two bead runs produced the exact same color. The air temperature, humidity, amount of each ingredient used and skill of the maker were all factors when producing these beads. Some are over 100 rears old, The way they blend together is very organic and helps to create realistic looking flowers.

The white snowdrops are hardly visible in these photos. They were created using delica and seed beads. The ivy leaves are made using triangle beads, The jagged edges on the leaves add a lot of texture to the design.

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