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Bead Societies

Bead societies are a great way to learn new techniques with the added bonus of meeting people who share your interest in beading. I had been beading for thirty years before I finally became a member of my local group. I really wish I had joined years earlier. The other members range in experience from beginner to advanced. The meetings are held monthly. Our regular meeting space is at the local hospital, but we have not been able to meet there this year. Currently we meet at the local bead store, Owl Be Beading, which is owned by one of our members. The meetings are also offered on Zoom.

In addition to our monthly meetings we also have an informal gathering once a month. These sit and bead sessions are a great way to get help with a project or to catch up on the latest news.

Our annual retreat is held at a mountain top lodge in the Pocono mountains. We invite a national teacher to instruct 20 students during a three day workshop.

I am lucky to have a few bead societies nearby to where I live. There are options for those who do not have any societies close by. One of the bead groups I also belong to is The Beadworkers Guild based in the U.K. This group is open to anyone in the world, and has the added bonus of a quarterly magazine. They are the originators of International Beading Week, and offer lots of great ideas for the beading community. Check out their website at


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