Bead Dreams 2016

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Passion for Flowers - Finalist

The title of my piece was inspired by the passionflower. It was a kind of obvious title, but when I searched it the only other use was a landscape design book, so that was the name i chose. The passionflower pattern is one I have developed over thirty years, and is surprisingly easy to make.

I worked on creating flowers and only left myself a week to build the base and attach the flowers. I could have used twice the time. I always underestimate how long it takes to secure the flowers to the base.

I used stone beads to build the trellis base which makes the necklace very heavy to wear.

I created some berry clusters using some beautiful opal beads. They are overshadowed by the flowers but display a wonderful play of light when noticed.

Some of the flowers are made using vintage French seed beads. The purples and pinks have a beautiful glow and opalescent sheen.

I used some Czech and Japanese seed beads as well. The color differences are very slight: I used seven shades of red for the poppy and eight different sizes and colors of blue beads to make the morning glory.

I have since written the pattern for the passionflower using a blend of Toho and Miyuki brands of beads. I like to mix the types because the slight size and color differences add depth to the beadwork.

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